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67 Attendants is ongoing series of abstracted portraits based on the crushed skull and headdress on view at The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Located in the Near East and Babylonian Section, the flattened remains belong to only one of sixty-seven attendants found in the “Great Death Pit” of Queen Puabi. Both funerary masks and disembodied silhouettes, this collection of collages is a meditation on the impacted lives of others together altered by one individual’s fatal experience.

The First Attendant

Attendant Two

Attendant Three

Attendant Four

Attendant Five

Attendant Six

Attendant Seven

Attendant Eight

Attendant Nine

Attendant Ten

Attendant Eleven

Attendant Twelve

Attendant Thirteen

Attendant Fourteen

Attendant Fifteen

Attendant Sixteen

Attendant Seventeen

Attendant Eighteen

Attendant Nineteen

Attendant Twenty

Attendant Twenty-One

Attendant Twenty-Two

Attendant Twenty-Three

Attendant Twenty-Four

Attendant Twenty-Five

Attendant Twenty-Six

Attendant Twenty-Seven

Attendant Twenty-Eight

Attendant Twenty-Nine


Attendant Thirty-One

Attendant Thirty-Two

Attendant Thirty-Three

Attendant Thirty-Four

Attendant Thirty-Five

Attendant Thirty-Six

Attendant Thirty-Seven

Attendant Thirty-Eight

Attendant Thirty-Nine

Attendant Forty

Attendant Forty-One

Attendant Forty-Two

Attendant Forty-Three

Attendant Forty-Four

Attendant Forty-Five

Attendant Forty-Six

Attendant Forty-Seven

Attendant Forty-Eight

Attendant Forty-Nine

Attendant Fifty

Attendant Fifty-One

Attendant Fifty-Two

Attendant Fifty-Three

Attendant Fifty-Four

Attendant Fifty-Five

Attendant Fifty-Six

Attendant Fifty-Seven

Attendant Fifty-Eight


Attendant Fifty-Nine

Attendant Sixty

Attendant Sixty-One

Attendant Sixty-Two

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